Partizipation: how to ...

steps to get started

Step 1 (august) find teams

Find a teacher with an IT or Robotic course at your school, willing to participate.
He then has to form up to 6 teams (2-3 studs in each team)

Step 2 (august) organize lego robots

Organize EV3 Lego mindstorm Ev3 educational sets. Lend them from other schools or buy them at ebay. To make it comparable and fair use the EV3 standard set of Lego Mindstorm

preferable LEGO Mindstorms EV3 Education Core Set 45544
or else LEGO® MINDSTORMS® EV3 31313

Step 3 (september) inscription

Send us your inscription here:

Step 4 (september) prepare your students

They will only know about the task on the day of the combat.
But here are some suggestions how to work with them:
  • Let each team build a robot and start with a remote race. See pics in the gallery.
  • In the playstore you will find existing free mobile apps for cell phones
  • Do a wall follower race with the ultrasonic sensor
  • Do a line follower race with the color sensor
  • Organize a color reading with decision making (e.g. by red turn left)
  • Explain a PD or PID regulation/steering for the wall follower
  • show construction technics
  • Organize a navigation race through a labyrinth
  • L;et them push table tennis balls or small boards arround (play tic toc toe)

Step 5 (october) infrastructure

You neeed a table 2 by 1 meter with a surrounding wall, ca. 10 cm high.
Construct all the obstacles needed (see details in the list beneath)
Organize prices (by a sponsor?) for your students
list of obstacles

Step 6 (january) streaming set up

Organize the streaming via a youtube channel and send us your youtube channel link for the webside.
You need a room with canvases, beamers, table and streaming cameras.
We organize a streaming test one week before the combat.
Do organize two independant referees per table aswell.

Step 7 (february) printing the Layout

Print the layout, but don't show it to your students.
We will send you the link in february.

Step 8 (march) on the day of the combat

We provide you with the rules in english.
Regeln de   rules en

We provide you with the simulation of the task to show it to your students.

Now each school runs its own combat, in two runs at the following times:
MEZ 10:20 am to 12:20 pm (locale swiss time) - UTC 09:20 am to 11:20 pm

All achiefed points in both runs will be added up for the final ranking. There will be an international ranking and your own school ranking.

We are looking forwards for a great event with you...